VertFuture is specialized in Microsoft B2B and EAI technology. VertFuture employee received Microsoft™ Biztalk MCP certificate ...

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VertFuture, Inc was foundered by Dr. David Li in 2001 in respond to the growing demand of application integration within an enterprise and business process integration among trading partners.

Prior to founding of VertFuture, He worked as a Director of Information Technology and a senior Principal Engineer of VerticalNet with his focus on B2B and EAI development. Since the foundation of VertFuture, Dr. Li and his company have provided high quality services in the areas of EAI and B2B architecturing and development for numerous companies like Radian Mortgage Insurance, GlaxoSmithKline, Air Products, etc.

Dr. Li holds a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania.